value of used guns

When shopping for a car, many smart consumers opt for pre-owned models, understanding the immediate depreciation a new car faces once it leaves the dealership. This same principle can be applied to firearms. At high quality gun stores like Tar River Arms (TRA), the conversation often leans towards the allure of brand-new guns. However, seasoned shooters are increasingly realizing the undeniable value of used firearms, particularly those enhanced by the skilled gunsmiths TRA. Here’s why the pendulum of preference is swinging towards ‘used’ but not entirely discarding ‘new.’

The Unassailable Benefits of Opting for Used Firearms include:

Unbeatable Value:

Much like new cars that depreciate once they exit the dealership, firearms too experience a similar trend, opening avenues for enthusiasts to acquire high-grade guns without the top-shelf price.

Reliability Tested and Enhanced:

Unlike new firearms, a used gun from the TRA’s Try and Buy program has been field-tested. Its durability isn’t just proven—it’s often enhanced. At Tar River Arms, used guns are meticulously inspected and enhanced by our expert gunsmiths. Their commitment ensures every used firearm is in top-notch shape, sometimes even better than when first manufactured.

Custom Modifications:

Many used firearms that come through the door are further refined with custom modifications that not only elevate their performance but would be costly to add to a new firearm.

Unique Finds:

For those frequenting gun stores with both a new and used selections, used guns often present opportunities to find rare or discontinued models that carry both historical and collector significance.

Premium Price:

While being the first owner has its charm, the financial cost, especially at the best gun stores, is often heftier.

While buying used has a lot of advantages, it’s still important to be a well informed consumer. Here are some important things to remember when buying used firearms:

  • Thorough Inspection is Key: Whether you’re browsing used guns at Tar River Arms or experiencing the Try and Buy program, a meticulous examination remains crucial. Especially for used firearms, it’s essential to check for no excessive wear, rust, or unauthorized modifications.
  • Stay Educated on Market Value: Keeping abreast of current market prices ensures you extract maximum value from your purchase.
  • Legalities are Crucial: Always be well-versed with your jurisdiction’s regulations regarding firearm transfers.

In Conclusion:

The decision between a new or used firearm at the best gun stores in the area become more lucid when you factor in the inherent value of pre-owned guns, especially those given the Tar River Arms touch. We aren’t proposing that used always trumps new. Instead, we’re presenting options for value-conscious buyers, ensuring there’s something exceptional for every budget. Whether you opt for new or the elevated standards of a Tar River Arms custom-used firearm, you’re making a quality investment.